Below are some of our upcoming events at the Hatch. If you have any queries at all, please do call or email the pub.
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Redgate quiz championship

Join us on Thursday the 20th of May from 8:00 for the eagerly-anticipated return of the Redgate quiz championship. £4 entry per person. £1 to the Championship jackpot, half of the remaining to the prize pot, and half to our charity; Maytree. Pre-quiz pizza for £10-.

Multi-household teams may need to sit outside. Who knows what BoJo will let us get up to?!


Thursday the 20th of May, 8:00

Every third Thursday of the month

Pizza night.jpg
Pizza night

Every Thursday, enjoy one of our 12" thin-crust pizzas for £10-.

Also available as a takeaway fro £10-, with a bottle of beer thrown in too.


Every Thursday, 6-9 o'clock.

Fizz Friday!

Thank fizz it's Friday! Enjoy a bottle of prosecco and a sharing board for 2 for a sparkling £43-. Extra bottles only £23- for the rest of the night, and extra portions of the sharing platter at £11.75 per person.

Selection of meat, pâté, cheese, other charcuterie bits & bobs.


Every Friday, 6-9 o'clock.